Star Wars Games (Series)

My first experience playing a Star Wars game was the Star Wars (1983) arcade game, which was still in some arcades (rarely) at least in the late 80s and early 90s. It was way beyond any other game I played–even though the graphics were primitive, the gameplay and sound was amazing. To play, you entered a cockpit-style arcade console that gave the feeling of being inside one of the ships from the movie (it was mostly just black inside, and blocked most of the environment). I played it basically any time I saw the game in an arcade. Though the game was exceptionally challenging, to extract quarters from people like most arcade games, playing a single life was still worth the money.

Though I am a fan of Star Wars, I was heavily involved in Star Trek and felt I had to keep the torch going for that before newer iterations made Star Trek “cool.” I always thought Star Wars games, especially for SNES looked awesome, but I saved my money for RPGs. My friends weren’t interested in Star Wars, so none of them had Star Wars games.

Sometime later, I became more interested in PC games, and purchased Star Wars: Rebel Assault II, which remains one of my best memories in gaming.

In the 2000’s, I thoroughly enjoyed trying out friends’ copies of Star Wars Episode I: Racer for PC, and Star Wars: Battlefront for PS2.

Lately I have gone back to console gaming, to avoid the rat race of PC performance (I do still play classic and intentionally low-fi PC games). Until recently I always was one generation behind on consoles to save money. I care more about long story-driven games than the latest graphics. I have played through most or all of LEGO Star Wars I and II on PS2. I haven’t played the modern, realistic Star Wars games yet, but if I review them they will appear in the list below along with all other Star Wars series game reviews.

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