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Native Linux Games That Go Beyond Casual Gaming


:edit 2019-02-27: The list in my article above may be controversial, due to games I excluded. I didn’t include any games that Linux people usually promote that I don’t consider to have high replay value. However, I still I used comments from the link post on Reddit that referred to the original version of the article to improve the article and clarify my criteria. The repost linking to the improved article got a better response. I also mentioned, the comments as SamuraiFungi, why Raincat (a good game that unfortunately is an abandoned student project, and suffers from Haskell dependency and version issues) and Egoboo (a project that was once promising but never got the knack for doing low-poly graphics well) didn’t make the list. Recently, many more commercial games became available on Linux, thanks to Valve making Proton, an enhanced fork of Wine.