Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos Screenshot (Fair Use, WikiMedia)

Warcraft III

It has finally arrived–a great classic Real-Time Strategy game in full 3D. Warcraft III also includes Role-Playing elements such as character stats and equipment building, so some have called it the first Role-Playing Strategy game. Warcraft III is head and shoulders above all other 3D strategy games that came before it.

:edit 2019-02-18: There is a remake in progress, planned for release in 2019: https://playwarcraft3.com/en-us/

My Warcraft 3 RoC&TFT Maps are on many map hosting sites–just do an internet search for: protoarmor warcraft 3

For a gaming experience that will keep you up all hours of the night and keep you from getting anything else done whatsoever, I give this game an A+++ for being too good. Maybe I’ll see you in Azeroth again sometime, but in moderation.