Icewind Dale

Icewind Dale (2000) has amazing storytelling. However, due to the detailed micromanagement required for combat, the game is extremely difficult. I used the feature to automatically pause the game on the turn of each of your characters, but I still only got about 40hrs into this game before I no longer could take it. It is much more playable in the co-op multiplayer mode. Playing for about 20 hrs then starting over and importing your high-level characters would be one other way to get through the game. Having more powerful characters would help with the shortage of gold which requires you to keep going back and forth between dungeons and stores to sell all of the loot that doesn’t fit into your inventory. I really like the detailed backstory and interesting enemies and NPCs, but it is even more fun when watching someone else obsess over the detailed combat! I watched the ending on YouTube after I decided I wasn’t going to return to the game.

Icewind Dale also has the best introduction I’ve seen in a game yet:

Gameplay Footage Recorded by Kikoskia on YouTube