OutputInspector (Points Kate or Geany to Line in Code with Issue)

I created a free program, OutputInspector, a helper application for (:edit: Geany or) Kate that analyzes your compiler output and allows you to double-click on compiler errors to jump to the appropriate file, line, and position.

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:edit 2019-02-27: OutputInspector can now parse output from several linters, and tell Geany (as an alternative to Kate) what line in your sourcecode to highlight (the line that has the issue). It also looks for GOTO and FIXME comments in your sourcecode, and detects several languages to determine the comment string. I have updated the link to point to the GitHub project (formerly the project was on SourceForge).

:edit 2020-03-12: OutputInspector now reads pycodestyle output and Minetest logs:

Though I made a this a long time ago which allows double-clicking on errors from a log path given as the first argument. If you double-click the line, it will open the file and line (and column if your debugger provides that) in Geany or Kate.If you run the install script as root, it installs to /user/local/bin.There is not a non-root install yet, but you can put the binary below anywhere.It only compiles using Qt Creator for now, but there are binary releases here.

I’ve gradually added more error log formats.Just now, I made it read Lua tracebacks from minetest logs.

No Lua error is show in this screenshot, but if there was one, you could double-click the first line of the traceback to go to your code (or click a different code to see the code you are calling).

This may speed up development for many people. 

Supported formats:

  • Python nose tests
  • pycodestyle
  • grep (add -n to show line#–The param is added automatically by the included ogrep script)
  • Minetest Lua traceback (any containing “ERROR[Main]:” followed by filename:line:)
  • many more (compilers, linters, and intepreters using issue formats such as file(line,column), file:line:, file:line:column: and similar formats)

Install the latest release on Linux (set RELEASE to the latest release shown here):

mkdir -p ~/.local/bin
wget -O ~/.local/bin/outputinspector https://github.com/poikilos/outputinspector/releases/download/$RELEASE/outputinspector
wget -O ~/.local/bin/ogrep https://github.com/poikilos/outputinspector/raw/master/package/bin/ogrep

– See the Web Install section of readme.md for the latest instructions to get the latest version.

Minetest example:

./minetest >& err.txt
outputinspector &

# example 2:
# outputinspector ~/.minetest/debug.txt &

# example 3:
# ogrep "setting" -r ~/minetest/games/Bucket_Game/mods