Player Character (SamuraiFungi) Riding Gryphon

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft (2004, Blizzard Entertainment) is an Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. Except for animals, minor enemies, and other plot-related Non-Player Characters, all characters in the game are game players in real life. This is the best MMORPG I have ever seen, but I have not seen much content from Final Fantasy MMORPGs. I had loads of fun using my 10-day trial account that my friend, then a regular in WoW, was able to give me through a special promotion.

Here is me on a mini-quest capturing a Rabid Thistle Bear! It follows me back to town where I allow an officer in Auberdine (a town deeper in Darkshore) to take a look at the specimen–I receive weapons, armor, and/or money for helping the officer:

Player Character (SamuraiFungi) with Captured Rabid Thistle Bear
My Character (SamuraiFungi) with Captured Rabid Thistle Bear

Here is me taking the long way back home, riding a gryphon over Horde territory. I played as alliance, so entering this territory by foot would most likely mean my immediate death by a level-60 Orc Shaman, or a powerful enemy NPC:

Player Character (SamuraiFungi) Riding Gryphon
My Character (SamuraiFungi) Riding Gryphon

During my 10-day visit (which felt like a vacation) to World of Warcraft, my character reached Level 13, which means that I achieved a meager boost in Strength and other attributes, and increased my natural abilities as a Druid. I chose to be a Night Elf Druid upon creating my character (a player can create several characters). During the game, I chose to train as an Enchanter and Tailor, two occupations which compliment each other in World of Warcraft (before learning that strategy, I had started in the Taylor and Blacksmith trades):

Player Character (SamuraiFungi) at Trade Supplies Shop
My Character (SamuraiFungi) at a Trade Supplies Shop

I thouroughly enjoyed my 10-day “vacation” to World of Warcraft. I chose not to buy the game (which would incur the approximately $10 monthly fee), because I decided that I am the kind of person (like many others) who would allow the game to become a replacement for more diverse activities.