Photomanip of Spaceballs Movie Screenshots and Warcraft II Title Screen

Warcraft II Spaceballs Total Conversion

Below are some screenshots of my Spaceballs Warcraft II Total Conversion (TC) project (you have to know the game and know the movie to understand, otherwise you are lost). I am doing this project using Wardraft. My main reason for doing this project is to get rid of the dark morbidness of the game, and add funny morbidness. It also makes playing the game really fun! The Spaceballs conversion will be completely compatible with the Retail version of Warcraft 2 and 2x for online gaming, but not Warcraft 2 BattleNet Edition, although the sounds will work for it.

Before & After

war2patch.mpq version (zipped)

Legacy version (zip contains gfx files for use in Wardraft, and may be more complete than the mpq version)

You may need the free upgrade to Warcraft II version 1.5 from (you can only get this version if you have the expansion set).

Additional Info on Wardraft

DrSmiles is working on a layout file generator. If you use Wardraft, you will want the generator if you are using new graphics with a different size than the originals and you don’t want to type in the values yourself like everyone has had to do in the past. It will require Windows 95 or later.