Final Fantasy VI

(called “Final Fantasy III” on the North American SNES)

Title Screen of Final Fantasy III (which would be 6 in Japan) on SNES

This game is the best possible game for Super Nintendo (Chrono Trigger may have surpassed it in the area of flow and emotional contrast), which is the console with the best games ever (other than PlayStation–I would say that is the only system where 3D games seem to be made right and aren’t awkward). FF VI is the first Final Fantasy game that I played, and was my favorite Final Fantasy for a long time, until seeing the end of Final Fantasy VII.

SPOILER image of characters on …
Characters Standing on Airship
Characters Standing on Airship (with scanlines added to simulate the original experience of playing the game on a CRT TV)

The graphics seem very dated now, but the game is surprisingly captivating. Each one of the many characters are very well developed. The game even contains a whole dangerous scenario that occurs at an opera house–I’ll not spoil it in case you want to play the game. Most people consider that their favorite part.

There is also re-release of the Super Nintendo game for PlayStation, with FMV (full motion video) cutscenes added. Final Fantasy Chronicles includes Final Fantasy VI, and Chrono Trigger also with cutscenes which did not exist in the original.

:edit 2019-02-15: Final Fantasy 6 is now available on GBA, mobile, and Steam, with remastered graphics and restored script (which had been truncated for the SNES release). The mobile and Steam versions also have restored the sound quality, which had been reduced for GBA.


This is my tonberry,

This is the best quality plush toy of a Tonberry I’ve seen, but unfortunately I can’t find a way to purchase the actual plush. Once there was a Tonberry-Cactuar Adoption Foundation (that is a parked site now so avoid it to avoid viruses). It allowed you to name and digitally adopt (a picture of) a Tonberry (called “Pug” in FF6 U.S.A.) or Cactuar (called “Cactrot” in FF6 U.S.A.), to use as a mascot on your website.