Men In Black: The Game

(1997) by Southpeak Interactive

This game is cool at first, but it is depressing. This game has okay graphics but I wouldn’t recommend it unless you have all the cheats and a walkthrough so you don’t get stuck. It is not worth buying for more than $20.

Here is how to get past the part where everyone gets stuck:

In the cave in the Amazon, there are statues in the holes in the wall that you have to pick up then drop on the correct marks on the floor. Starting with the mark to the right of the door as you come in (Your left if you are facing the door), the order is White, Green, Black, Red, Blue (counter-clockwise). When you get them placed on the marks right and step into the center, the floor will open up.

Here are the cheats that make beating the Bug and the rest of the game “humanly possible.”

In the game press ESC, and then type DOUGMATIC and it will play some music and put you back in the game. That code allows you to type the cheats below:

AGENTJ – changes to agent J
AGENTK – changes to agent K
AGENTL – changes to agent L
GIVEME – gives you all weapons
LOADME – infinite ammo
HEALME – full health
MOVEME – gives you saved games for all of the levels
PROTECTME – invulnerable
KELLEM – kills all of the enemies
HQ – sends you back to MiB HQ (my favorite code, since other than the first level, the shooting range at MiB Headquarters is the most fun part of the game)

:edit 2019-02-14: These codes and a walkthrough were at, a gaming and demo download site which no longer exists.