Box art for Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure

Little Big Adventure (Series)

(LBA1 is also called Relentless: Twinsen’s Adventure)

Little Big Adventure (view on Steam) is a cool game with awesome (1994) graphics.

Little Big Adventure 2 (view on Steam), the big sequel, was recalled and only a few people have the boxed version. Does anyone know what happened? I think it was the packaging — LBA1 had a cool box with Twinsen Ready to destroy something with his energy ball. LBA2 had ugly-colored box with Twinsen riding a aquamarine cartoonish dragon through the clouds (:edit: the backgound music for Twinsen’s Odyssey is one of my favorite songs–keep listening until it gets going). There was also a major bug in LBA2 where you could get stuck with a flashing talk box and had to spend minutes trying to get away from an NPC in order to avoid exiting the game and reloading your last save. Still, the globe mechanic looked amazing and driving the dune buggy over sand was one of the most fun experiences I’ve had in a 3D game. Both games were 3D, and had a cool plot. Too bad they didn’t get popular, and too bad the company didn’t promote the sequel.

:edit 2009-02-13: I’ve added updated links and more information. I am very glad to see that LBA1 and LBA2 have come out on Steam. Read more details about the games at the Steam links above.