Screenshot of QJak Entertainment Pack Menu

QJak Entertainment Pack

This program “suite” was made entirely in QBasic 1.1. It contains five programs total.

256BLOCK lets you browse the default VGA palette (which is also the default palette of QBASIC). It is especially useful for QBASIC programmers or people who like to look at shiny colors.

256BLOCK Screenshot

JakDraw lets you draw and save images in DOS in BAS format.
Tech notes: The format for saved images is BAS. File extensions are BA1, BA2, BA3, BA4 to overcome limits of QBasic 1.1.

JakDraw Screenshot

JakSound lets you create and save sounds (pc speaker tones) by changing pitch bars and speed with the mouse. :edit 2007/08/09: you can even choose a scale and mode and the ‘#’ symbol will show you which notes are out of tune! :edit 2007-10-05: This is a work in progress, so snapping based on modes and keys is not pitch-perfect.

JakSound Screenshot.

Spheroid in this game you are a minesweeper in a protective sphere. You have to get close enough to the mines to press enter and destroy them–the catch is, you cannot stop moving because the sphere does not have brakes.

Spheroid Screenshot

SuperMegaBreak has a separate icon not on the QJak Menu. SuperMegaBreak is a breakout clone with a mock-3D paddle. Hopefully you’ll be fast enough!

SuperMegaBreak Screenshot

QBASIC programs probably won’t work on BASIC interpreters designed for modern computers, but you can still download QJak Entertainment Pack (released under the The MIT License)