(Server: MisfitMC)

Actual Run (34664 meters overall travel)
-shorter than recorded run (shown) since counting less of the
West/East swerving, but provides realistic test case since accounting
for swerving
-includes first 40mins and backtracking from all deaths which also
contributes to realistic test case

7 hrs (approx)

1.4 meters per second (34664m/25200sec=1.37555)
5 Kmph (34.664m/7h=4.952)
3 miles per hr (21.5392miles/7h=3.077028571428571)

Direct Part of Run

(35939 meters; without longest death recovery segments):

3hrs 54min (could be played back as 3mins 54sec at 6000% speed)

Speed statistics for this direct run are not significant for projecting Minecraft overall travel times since several nights were skipped (11 by counting cuts between takes), but here they are for your entertainment:
2.6 meters per second (35939m/14040s=2.559757834757835)
9 Kmph (35.939Km/3.9h=9.215128205128205)
6 miles per hr (22.3315miles/3.9h=5.726025641025641)

Playing back at 6000% you would see overall travel at:
153 meters per second
553 Kmph
343 miles per hr


Enchanted Diamond armor almost completely worn out
2 Horses (& saddles)
52 bread
34 pork chops (approx)
5 steaks

WIP Build at Destination